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Waldron had a drama group in the past, known as the “Has-Beens”, but it lapsed over thirty years ago. There was also a Glee Club which was in existence during the ‘30s and the WI had a drama group some years ago. After a long gap, in 2000 the village put on a 10-day festival of music and arts to celebrate the beginning of the new century. The Festival included two performances of Benjamin Britten’s Noye’s Fludde, as well as an opera evening, a jazz event, a folk evening, a Celebrity Cricket event and the revival of stoolball. A book of the village’s history was published and an exhibition was mounted which drew enthusiastic crowds.

Inspired by what had been achieved, plans were laid for an ambitious community play to be put on in 2002. This was:

The Smuggler’s Tale

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Not content with just one resounding success, the team then produced another in 2004:

Waldron At War

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The Hat-Trick was completed in 2006 with a story set in 19th century Waldron:

The Maid's Story

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The team then moved into the medium of film, producing “Finding Esther”, the story of a teenage girl who disappeared from Waldron in the 1920s and was never seen again. The film was shot in 2008 and premiered at the Picture House, Uckfield in February 2009.

Finding Esther

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Back to the Community Play theme in 2010, with tale of a 19th Century local lad who got himself transported to Australia not once but twice, before coming good:

Black Sheep

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And there may be more...

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